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The Raptor Conservation Fund was established to develop solutions to key global challenges facing raptors, a magnificent bird of prey.

The Fund was founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi.

The Fund received an initial endowment of USD 20 million, including a USD 1 million grant for an initial conservation project, specifically tackling raptor deaths caused by electrocution through the modernised energy infrastructure.



The vision of the Raptor Conservation Fund is to ensure raptors and their habitats are conserved and restored as valuable elements of regional and global biodiversity.


The Fund’s mission is to action and facilitate global programmes that support the conservation and restoration of raptors and their habitats.

Why preserve raptors

In addition to the cultural importance of the species in many global territories, raptors are also indicators of a healthy ecosystem.

Sadly, as a long-living species with relatively slow reproductive rates, vulnerable raptor populations are particularly susceptible to non-natural, or man-made mortality threats and losses in habitat.

As a result of these threats to mortality and habitat losses, 52% of the 557 different raptor species have declining global populations, while 18% are threatened with extinction.


The Fund’s research shows that improving international raptor conservation efforts can positively impact thousands of other species that rely on the same habitats and resources to flourish in the wild.


Our Approach

The Fund is a flexible, action-orientated organisation with the ability to channel resources and efforts towards research work or innovative projects.

These efforts and projects deliver immediate results in the conservation and restoration of raptors and their habitats.

To achieve the greatest possible outcomes from its resources, the Fund champions use the latest advancements in science, technology and wildlife management.

Whilst utilising strong conservation and restoration collaborations which work at the intersection of conservation and the community, the local areas where we work directly benefit from the concerted efforts.

By collaborating with government partners, United Nations agencies, other development funds, donors and NGOs, academia and research entities, private sector organisations, power and mining firms, and global media outlets, the Fund delivers a coordinated response to conserve the vital place of raptors and other birds in the species chain. Through these collaborations and global partnerships, the Fund ensures raptors not only survive, but thrive in their natural habitats.

The Fund’s ethos is that collaboration and knowledge sharing leads to impactful and successful conservation. Therefore, we invite you to tell us about current efforts or future ideas for interesting raptor conservation projects – no matter how big or small.


Contributions to the Fund have a direct and significant impact on conservation projects across the globe, with donations going towards Fund-led programmes, expanding existing projects, grouping various projects for greater benefit, or financing new projects.


To discuss how you can get involved with the Fund’s efforts, connect with us at: